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Welcome to the website of the "8th KIAS workshop on Cosmology and Structure Formation", hosted by the Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS).



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The distribution of matter in the Universe is a powerful probe of cosmology. By measuring the large-scale structure of the cosmic web we can extract information regarding the initial conditions, evolution and composition of the Universe. By measuring the galaxy distribution on small scales, we can address important questions regarding galaxy formation and evolution.




The observation of large-scale structure has made significant progress in recent years, and upcoming surveys will provide unprecedented volumes of data. Extracting meaningful information from this data is a challenge to theoretical and numerical astrophysicists. Over the past few decades numerical simulations and theoretical modeling have made rapid advances in our understanding of the complex non-linear phenomena of gravitational collapse and fluid dynamics. The field currently stands at the threshold of a new era of precision cosmology.  Twitter #KIAS 2018



The workshop will focus on :

  • Large-Scale Structures in the Universe
  • Computational Techniques in Cosmology
  • Early Universe
  • Evolution of Galaxies


Dates and Venue :

  • Conference Hall (5F), KIAS
  • 5 - 9 November 2018



Confirmed Invited Speakers


Camille Avestruz (KICP)

François Bouchet (IAP)

Pravabati Chingangbam (IIAP)

Aeree Chung (Yonsei)

Sandrine Codis-Decara (IAP)

José-María Diego Rodríguez (IFCA)

Benedikt Diemer (CfA)

Tim Eifler (Steward Obs.)

Maret Einasto (Tartu Obs.)

Gareth Few (Hull)

Raphael Gobat (PUCV)

Daniel Gruen (Stanford)

Jiaxin Han (IPMU)

Kohei Hayashi (Tokyo)

Jai-Chan Hwang (KNU)

Myungkook Jee (Yonsei)

Myoungwon Jeon (KHU)

Donghui Jeong (PSU)

Ji-Hoon Kim (SNU)

Taysun Kimm (Yonsei)

Katarina Kraljic (ROE)

Claudia Lagos (UWA)

Ofer Lahav (UCL)

Clotilde Laigle (Oxford)

Kyoung-Soo Lee (Purdue)

Hyung Mok Lee (KASI)

Myung Gyoon Lee (SNU)

Danielle Leonard (CMU)

Yen-Ting Lin (ASIAA)

Eric Linder (LBL)

Georgios Magdis (DARK)

Teppei Okumura (ASIAA)

Florian Pacaud (Bonn)

David Parkinson (KASI)

Patricia Sánchez-Blázquez (UAM)

Jack Sayers (Caltech)

Arman Shafieloo (KASI)

Rory Smith (KASI)

Yong-Seon Song (KASI)

Yasushi Suto (Tokyo)

Patricia Tissera (UNAB)

Xiaohu Yang (SJTU)




There is no registration fee for this workshop
The deadline for abstract submission is 9 September 2018
Local and accommodation expenses are only available for invited speakers



Contact email:









  • Juhan Kim (Chair, KIAS)
  • Xuelei Chen (NAOC)
  • Darren Croton (Swinburne)
  • Eric Gawiser (Rutgers)
  • Brad Gibson (Hull)
  • Myungshin Im (SNU)
  • Yipeng Jing (SJTU)
  • Christophe Pichon (IAP)
  • Keiichi Umetsu (ASIAA)
  • Sukyoung K. Yi (Yonsei)
  • Naoki Yoshida (Tokyo)
  • Changbom Park
  • Stephen Appleby (Co-chair)
  • Owain Snaith (Co-chair)
  • Sungryong Hong
  • Ho Seong Hwang
  • Hyunsung Jun
  • Juhan Kim
  • Jaehyun Lee
  • Christoph Saulder
  • Motonari Tonegawa
  • Yi Zheng



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